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"Sara Mack is an exceptional author whoes writing pulls you into the lives of the characters." - lindatrinks

"To say this book is amazing is an understatement. Sara Mack continues to draw the reader into this complex world of love, loyalty and confusion." - M

"...if you love supernatural and love triangles mixed with danger then this is the book for you.....loved it." - Zane and Tiffany Crosby

"I truly love this series with all my heart. It’s a perfect mix of everything I love about reading with a great story, to amazing characters. Reborn had a great end to a great series." - Jessica's Book Review

"Hang on to your seats because this is one bumpy ride you are sure to love. And don't forget the tissues...they will be necessary!!" - Tracy

"If you enjoy a little paranormal love story then you will enjoy this book/series. For a topic that has been saturated with novels lately, this one is completely unique! I was hooked by the first chapter and read all three books in the series in just 2 days!!" - magstar

"Sara Mack – I’m with you “Until the end of forever.” - Tara

First of I have to say THANK YOU SARA MACK!!!! This trilogy was everything a paranormal romance lover could want. Neither over powered the other which is a big thing for me when reading any genre. All the character were very likeable in my opinion. Emma, James and Dane were great leads and Shel, Matt and Garrett were great supporting characters." - Cari

"I loved the way that Mack was able to weave real emotions into this fantasy romance and keep me engaged and caring about what happens next." - Kyt

"This story pulls you in and keeps you guessing! The emotional ride Emma is on draws you in and you feel for her. Sara Mack has you choosing sides.... are you Team James or Team Dane? Now I am off to read Reborn to follow on the rest of her journey.... go Team Dane!" - Amazon customer

"I was up until the wee hours of the morning trying to finish this book because I just could not put it down. Finally, at 1:30 am I finished it but could not go to sleep. All I kept thinking about was "Wow, How could this author leave me hanging like this?" -afarone

I really enjoyed this book and I felt it completed the story in a way I was happy with - no loose ends or disappointment. I enjoyed the paranormal aspect of this story mixed with suspense and romance!" - Coupon Savvy Sarah

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